Big Time Grain Company

Our boys, Bret and Chad were pretty thankful when I invented this machine. There lives changed pretty drastically from walking bean fields with hoes to hopping in an RV and traveling the U.S. We did hundreds of field demonstrations and always tried to find a good lake to stay at where they could spend their time fishing between demonstrations. Of course almost every demonstration was at a farm had a pile of kids for them to run with. They would all just disappear and magically show up again when it was time to go.

It’s no wonder they both fell pretty easily into a musician life of travel early out of high school. I kept asking them, “Are you sure you don’t want to farm?” The answers never varied. The boys have been in many different projects that I would hesitate to include on this site, but they finally came together returning to their Western Kansas roots and forming their country band, Big Time Grain Company. So when you have run out of things to look at on our this weedpuller site, jump over and check them out


Big Time Grain Company Official Website