POSI-A-PULL KIT 9/6/2012
Bourquin’s Design and Mfg. is now introducing its new Posi-A-Pull Kit. The purpose of the new Posi-a-Pull Kit is to clean up any unfinished business of the Weedpuller. We updated the Weedpuller to handle the specific problem caused by the roundup resistant pigweed in soils hit by the summer’s drought. It had to be aggressive enough to pull weeds in severe conditions.
Never again will you have to suffer the environment and subsequent crop loss due to huge weeds towering over your crops. If you can get down the rows with your tractor, we can pull those weeds.
In addition to our pulling wheels, we actually grip the weed with steel notches. Rubber tires and rollers grab the weed and two metal discs with notches clamp on to the weed and pop it out of the ground. Once I accepted the fact that the Roundup resistant weed was altogether another fight, then my mind set became different. Radical situations need radical responses.


Notches and Blades
It may seem like the pulling blade sets’ purpose is for cutting, but in this application, the blades sets serve in a more positive pulling action.

Features and Advantages of the new accessory:
1.  Approximately double the effective gathering width in each row area.
2.  Resulted in a more uniform feed to the pulling wheels.
3.  The weed is grabbed between the notches on a flat coulter and curved rear blade. This not only grabs the weed, but it distorts the stem increasing the holding power of the notches. If you place a rope between the tires and notches, it is virtually impossible to pull the rope free when pulling in a straight line.
4.  The concept that I was testing was that if you hold a stem taught between the ground and the weedpulling wheels, and apply a sideways pressure, it would double the effective pulling power of the machine. This was accomplished by mounting a curved disk with a bigger diameter to the back of the Weedpuller tire/wheel. The curved disc faces backwards so as not to cut the tem but still gives a sideways pressure.
5.  The notches tend to have a longer pulling stroke which does a better job of thoroughly dislodging the roots from the ground. The notches also tend to deliver the weed to the row middle.
6.  I operated the Weedpuller in a field of weeds that had been grazed, leaving long slender stocks. When moving through the field, you could see the weed being gathered and moved methodically through the wheels, then a sudden blip, and the weed is popped out of the ground.  ou can tell the instant when the notched coulter caught the weed.
7.  With the more positive feed of the weeds through the notched blade, the tires remain dryer and as a consequence, do a better job of pulling.
8.  It seems that the pulling blades reduce the amount of stalling of the wheels.