Buddy Buying Trial Plan – 2013

If you are on this site, we assume two things:
First, you are probably an organic farmer, or you have Roundup resistant weeds. How about a chance to test a Bourquin Weedpuller on your farm!

Second, you may wish to have a Bourquin Weedpuller, but you are not sure it works. In response to this second assumption,
Bourquin’s Farm Mkt. & Trading Co., Inc. is offering an easy trial program.

A.  You send us $3,600.00.
B.  We send you our standard one row Weedpuller, with a heavy-duty front mount hitch, and a 4×6 toolbar. This Weedpuller will mount on the front of your tractor, with a desirable minimum of 1500 lbs. hydraulic pressure.

To make the cost of sampling your own machine less, we would encourage you and three of your farmer friends to each invest $900.00. The return on this $900.00 could possibly be one of the best investments you will ever make.  And if you decide to return it, you’ve lost $125.00.

Play with it in the field for 30 days. Then if none of you want to keep it, return it, and your money less $500.00 shipping will be returned to you. Of course, the machine cannot show excessive abuse.

If you like the Weedpuller, then, you can order as many additional units as you like.  Additional units are priced at $2750.00 each.

Explanation expanded. The reason that we’ve initiated this program is that we get requests for demonstrations all over a
30 State area at basically the same time. We are just not able
to demonstrate to all of you at the right time. We hope this new program will aid in your decision making process.

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Trial Unit

Trial Unit

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